Our Services

With a management board composed of seasoned professionals  belonging to diverse industries, CLAROSE understands the Human Resources needs of marketplace. We’re not just a manpower placing agency.  CLAROSE , as a cooperative, envisions to provide the best benefits to our employee-members. We believe that happy employees directly affect the revenues of our partner-companies.

Manpower Placement

CLAROSE provides workers to companies and our workers enjoy more benefits as members of the Cooperative.

HR Training

CLAROSE, through BCGF, its marketing arm, has access to the premium HRD training under BCGF’s partner, iLEAD, a company composed of US Certified John Maxwell Trainers to develop our manpower resources.

Savings & Lending

CLAROSE teaches our members about financial literacy so they learn to save and manage their resources.  Lending  facilities are also available in case of emergencies.

Sales & Market

Expanding the Gross Revenues of our Member-Companies by providing excellent Sales People is one of the strengths of CLAROSE as it parnered with BCGF, a marketing company with 40 years experience in market development.

Agriculture & Livestock

CLAROSE believes that healthy employees make more effective employees so CLAROSE envisions to provide Non-GMO Agricultural Products and organic livestock to its members.


CLAROSE  strongly believes in CSR so that it involves itself in many social outreaches and program.  We encourage our member-employees to volunteer in those charitabale activities giving them extra benefits when they do.

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